How it Works

Step 1.

Provide Pickup and Delivery Information

Address, Delivery Date, Urgency Speed, and Contact Information.

How it Works

Step 2.

Choose the Delivery Type

Pony, PonyEX, PonyXL, or PonyExpress The delivery type is based upon the size and weight of the delivery, ranging in size from a small bolt or document to a tree or kayak.

How it Works

Step 3.

Summary of Delivery

Summary of the delivery request and the total delivery cost. You won’t be charged until delivery is confirmed.

How it Works

Step 4.

Delivery Confirmation

Receive a text message with a picture confirming your same-day delivery! Have the option of reviewing your Driver, saving your Driver to your Favorites, and adding a tip, if desired.

Blade Greenwood

Excellent driver! Very professional and polite. Would be happy to use him again!

Andy Vaughn

Prompt and thorough. Thanks for a great transaction, Andy!!

Blade Greenwood

Fast and great service!

Cherice Barry

Efficient. I didn’t meet her but everything was done in a timely manner. Thank you!

Denis Bullard

Thank you for being so fast!

Andy Vaughn

Andy was professional and fast! Thank you!

Andy Vaughn

Great service! Great driver! Thanks Andy & PonyEx! Saved my day!

Ben Zenger

Super friendly guys, very helpful. Even took in some large boxes we had on our porch that got delivered earlier in the day. Highly recommend!

Ben Zenger

Ben was did an excellent job. I was in a bind, Ben and PonyEx came through!


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